Kids and Science: Lego Man in Space is Truly Inspiring

So by now you might know that 2 Canadian teens sent a Lego man into near space. And you might know that they are still in high school. And you might have seen the footage below of the remarkable flight. But did you know that this was a completely random project they decided to complete, after seeing MIT students send a weather balloon into space a couple of years ago?

Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad embody all that is good about kids and science. I love these guys. They are barely adults and yet when I show this to the Dude, he'll want to be like them when he grows up.

I read a number of articles about the guys, but my favourite is this one over at the Toronto Star. It really gives you a sense of their brilliance and excitement. The best line is:
“We didn’t really believe we could do it until we did"
Check out the footage from the flight below. Oh, and you can keep tabs on the guys by "Liking" the Lego Man in Space Facebook page. Truly inspiring.

(Source: The Guardian)

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