More new stuff for 2012! "How To" and "Rants" Sections

As an RSS reader or Facebook follower, you might not actually come to the blog very often. Which means you might not realise that there is a handy dandy set of category buttons (IA for you geeks) at the top of the site, which can help you get to the geeky goodness you're looking for.

New for 2012, things have been moved around and a few new categories have been added.

You'll notice 3 new buttons in the menu: I already told you about the new "Apps" Section, and today I am launching 2 more:

  • The "Rants" section is where you will find my longer posts and my endless diatribes about stuff that annoys me, from "girly" tech to social media fails. 
  • The "How To" section contains educational posts, a combination of instructional pieces from me and instructional content I have curated from around the Web.

More of my content this year will focus on these 3 categories, in addition to all the fun, geeky stuff I will still be posting. Who says you can't have fun and learn something in the process?


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