PSA: The Skyrim Widow(er)

So... the latest craze in relationship abandonment is Skyrim, the non-MMORP in which spouses disappear for hours to play a game alone. Not alone with a bunch of people online, socializing through their computers in the way geeks do, but alone-alone. Alone at their computer with no one to talk to but the troll they're about to fight.

Sadly, this brings to light a whole new type of spousal neglect: In fact, if you were once a WoW widow* (or widower), you may now be a Skyrim widow(er).

Now, personally, I actually enjoy sitting on the couch, working on my blog beside hubby as he fights trolls or gets eaten by wolves. I have to admit that it's one advantage of not having a home office: he plays on the tv in the family room, so we get to hang out and each do our own thing. No widows here! 

But if you haven't got the same setup and your better half is disappearing each night into an office or other room to play, you might not know what it's all about. Maybe this video can give you a sense of what they are doing. Although be warned, it does contain some inside jokes.

And if you suddenly realize after watching this that you are indeed a Skyrim widow(er), there are a number of communities available online to provide you with support. Or, you know, you *could* always join your spouse in a quest...

*A WoW widow (aka computer widow, gaming widow) is a spouse who has lost their better half to computers, the Internet and tech in general. See Wikipedia for full definition.

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