Wayback Machine: 80s Kids' Book About Computers

The Dude was so proud to show me his library books this week, especially the one he referred to as "really geeky". This retro throwback is an epic look at mid-80s tech.

First of all can we just talk about the 8-bit graphics? I suddenly have the urge to play Pong.

And those computers and peripherals!!! The best part? The refer to them as MICROS. Micros!

AND TRON!!! The original!!! 

This book completely blows me away. It's like having a piece of the Smithsonian in the house. And it came from the school library! You should have seen the Dude, completely enamoured with it. He immediately suggested that I blog about it. So here you are.

This gem is definitely out of print but you can still find the odd used copy online. (ISBN 0-86592-906-8)

So what retro geeky gems do you have in your library? Leave a comment!