What does an Android fanboy look like? (Infographic)

So first came Mac vs. PC. And now we can add Android into the mix.

Last week, I mentioned the BlueStacks app to run Android apps on PC. What I did not mention at the time was this fun Infographic I found on their site that makes me think of a cross between a fashion review and a singles ad: "what is Mr. Android 2011 wearing?"

First of all, can we just mention that there is no stat on this page that identifies the proportion of Android users who are male vs. female. While I'm sure that the ratio is in favour of the males, it would have been an interesting stat to kick things off. Of course, there is also a note at the bottom of the page that says all of these numbers come from polling their facebook fans, so who knows how representative it is... does the average person Like a software company's Facebook page and fill out their surveys? Probably not. So I would caution to take this infographic with a grain of salt.

Either way, I like how they portrayed the stats by merging slices of imagery together. It's a nice change from the usual cartoon infographic.


(Source: BlueStacks)

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