What You Were Reading in 2011: My Top 10 (and then some...)

First of all, a thank you.

You geeks are what keep me writing. I love having a little place to nerd out and I appreciate you so much for visiting (and a special fist pump to the 5 of you those of you who come back again and again).

Top Posts of 2011

So it wouldn't be a new year without a look back, right? Here's the obligatory bandwagon retrospective post a look back on my most popular posts last year. 
  1. PSA: Only you can stop Comic Sans abuses
    The biggest day for the blog this year was a surprise to me. Turns out that Google played a little April Fool's joke on the world: If you searched "Comic Sans" on April 1st, your search page was suddenly reformatted in Comic Sans. (It was a great prank) And it also turned out that a comic I posted on my site was the #2 result in Google Images for that search.

    Here's how the rest of the posts lined up:
  2. Bunny Suicides: Why The Cadbury Eggs Are Offing Themselves
  3. Geek Art: These Are Not The Droids You Are Looking For...
  4. Geek Awesomeness: Epic Post-It Art Battle
  5. Websites and Social Media as Gifts: The Mixed Tape Of Today's Generation?
  6. And to be incredibly meta: Top 10 Top Ten Lists of 2010
  7. Turn on Google 2-Step Verification. Now.
  8. Starting May 6: LEGO Community Garden at Canadian Tulip Festival
  9. Kewl Design Alert: HTC Thunderbolt's Built-in Stand
  10. Friday Fun: How We Call the Dude for Dinner (my personal fave ;)
Some of my older posts keep bringing the folks back including,
I also started posting some of my posts to BlogHer. Here's what struck a chord over there:

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So what did you enjoy reading this year? Maybe you didn't get a chance to stop by very much, so this will serve as a handy list of posts you can catch up on. (See? Me, being helpful ;)

Thanks for visiting! Here's to another year of geeky goodness :)

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