Friday Fun: Kinect Star Wars: Duel is Awkward, Awesome (video)

I mentioned last Fall that we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Star Wars The Old Republic for Kinect. The game has no controller, so you actually use the force. {nerdgasm}

Anyway, we're still about 2 months away from receiving our pre-purchased copy and as the release date approaches, more and more hype is going to start coming out about the game. Like the ad below which is the perfect mix of awkwardness, quirk and fantasy. I'm just hoping all the good stuff doesn't get put into the ads.

We have high hopes for this game, especially after such a long wait. (Ok so it's no Duke Nukem Forever, but it was still previewed at last year's CES so it's been long enough)

Anyway, you have to check out the ad. I mean, C'mon. You know you could totally be that guy. We all could. ;)

(Source: The Awesomer)