Happy Oscars to You: Top 10 Movie Moments in Lego (video)

I'll be honest. I love award shows. Recorded and viewed after the fact. So I can advance to the performances. Ok, I love music performances. And I absolutely hate award shows and their endless speeches and self-love. To me, the Oscars represent an opportunity to... watch something else or sit in the hot tub.

But movies. I LOVE MOVIES. Hubby and I courted by watching movies. Absolutely any kind. So I am always curious to find out what the Academy considers a good movie, versus what we like. This year, it looks like we all agree on Midnight in Paris but I think we fail to see eye to eye on Captain America (thumbs up here -- we like action), definitely not an Oscar contender.

I'm sure we could all agree on the epicness of the video below, though which presents the top 10 movie moments in Lego. Developed by a 17 year old fanboy, it's a fun take on some of our favourites and maybe even yours.


(Source: Huffington Post)

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