Kewl Design Alert: Gorgeous Circuit Board Coffee table

It's one thing to love technology but it's a whole other thing to really commit. I mean really, wholly, commit. You can wire your house, install USB wall sockets, deck the whole place out in the latest and greatest gadgets. But then there's this. IMHO, it's the ultimate in geek furniture design.

I mean, a table full of circuit boards? It's fascinating to look at -- like a puzzle built from retro technology. And as much as I love the lighting, I almost wish it had fibre optics built in so you could watch a pulse of light travel through the entire "system". Who needs TVs? Ok, maybe it wouldn't be as interesting to watch as TV (this coming from the chick who can't stop watching her Roomba) but it would make for an interesting conversation starter during house parties.

Now this particular table can't be bought retail. It's a labour of love detailed over at The News Is Broken. But let's face it. You could probably build one from the computer graveyard living in your basement. See, hubby? I told you there was a point to keeping all those old laptops and towers...

(Credit: The News is broken)

(Source: Swissmiss)

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