Kewl Design Alert: Sales Demo Made Out of Lego Robotics

Canadian author Douglas Coupland tweeted a link recently. I caught it when it went by, but a couple of people flagged it to me as well, so I thought I'd better share it with you.

A company called Dynaway wanted to showcase it's sorting system using a demo that could be transported and shown by travelling sales people. So they chose to build it out of Lego. LEGO!!!

Using a combination of traditional Lego and NXT (otherwise known as Lego Robotics), this working model is built based on their "manufacturing execution system".

Sure, whatever.

IT'S LEGO! And it works!

There's no way these people would sell me a thing, even if we were in the same industry. They'd walk into my office, put that thing on the boardroom table, intro their presentation and as soon as they'd turn this thing on, I'd be a lost cause. I'd just keep putting more bricks into the machine. "Seriously, would you please stop talking? I'm trying to watch the lego!"

Watch this and tell me you wouldn't do exactly.the.same.thing.

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