Kewl Design Alert: Tron-Inspired Scooter For Geek Kids

Is this not the cutest, nerdiest thing you've ever seen in kids' toys?

This, my friends, is a Tron Lightbike Training bike. For kids. And you are too big to ride it.

If you don't have kids, a training bike is a bike that functions like a scooter: kids sit on it and pedal with their feet (notice the lack of pedals on the bike). It's a great way to get them to learn their balance and get them ready for riding a real bike.

And this one brings the geek chic to your kids' training lessons. Inspired by the latest Tron movie, this scooter is way kewler than any ride you could get yourself. Well, unless you get yourself a Tron Segway or, you know, a lightbike motorcycle...

It's developed by Trek Bikes, but I can't find any mention of it on their site. So, I'm not sure if you can actually get one, but you've got to admit that your kid would be the kewlest on the street. And really, isn't that what childhood is all about? ;)

Credit: CNET

(Source: Crave - CNET)

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