Kindness Week: It's Kewl to be Kind

If you haven't heard yet, this is Kindness Week in Ottawa.

According to the website,
Kind Ottawa has become a vibrant movement in our community, encouraging people to “choose to be kind”. Kindness Week 2012 takes place from February 17–24.
I've written about Kindness Week before as a great opportunity to "use your skillz for good" — use your personal or professional skills to help a friend, a colleague or a stranger.

The idea is that being kind isn't difficult so over the course of the week why not buy a coffee for someone in line behind you, help a friend out with their blog, offer some time to your community association... if you need help with ideas, the site has some to offer:
  1. Give
  2. Volunteer
  3. Say Thanks
  4. Celebrate Kindness
  5. Pay It Forward
For info, check out the site, or follow #KindOttawa and @kindottawa on Twitter. And don't forget to spread the message!

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