Make-A-Wish Does Star Wars Right (video)

Once upon a time, I heard about this Endorian Bunker which I called the best Make-A-Wish ever.

And then I found out about a couple of projects that Little Mountain Productions, a set design company, put together for Make-A-Wish. That Endorian Bunker has a little competition.

Take for instance, this ginormous remote control R2D2. Made to drive around a little boy who loves Star Wars. They surprised him with it at a school assembly. He got to climb right in and ride around. So incredible.

And if that wasn't amazing enough, they worked on another Star Wars-themed wish, this time building a Millennium Falcon play structure for another little boy. Can you imagine? It doesn't take away what ails them, but Make-A-Wish certainly knows how to bring up kids' spirits, don't they?

(Source: NerdApproved)

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