Microsoft Hits Google Where it Hurts: On YouTube

So there's this little video that is making its way around the Interwebs called, "Gmail Man."

It portrays Gmail as a creepy mailman who snoops on your mail searching for keywords to serve you ads. It's quite funny. Because it's true.

Now as a Google fangirl, I love my G-apps. But I have to read their privacy policies for my job, and I know what it means to use their services. And although I wish people would understand how Google works, that it's following you around the internet, a good portion of the wired world may not realize it. Sadly, those people might be shocked by this video.

Microsoft hopes to position Office 365 against GMail for professionals and businesses. I'm not sure that this video will have the desired effect but I find it striking for a totally different reason:
Not only is Microsoft blasting Google. They do it with a video. On YouTube. Owned by Google.


(Source: Mashable)

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