My New Transformer Prime (Tablet): More Than Meets The Eye

Yes, I've got Transformers on the brain.

If you missed the tweets, this weekend hubby convinced me to buy the lovely little machine below.
It's the Asus EEE Transformer Prime. If you've never seen one, it's a 10.1" Android tablet that docks into a keyboard. Turning it effectively into an adorable little netbook. Like the first ever Android laptop.

I upgraded my Evernote account to the full version and promptly ditched my paper notebooks for work.

It's only been a couple of days, but here's a list of things I love about this little machine:
  • it's Android (duh)
  • it runs on Ice Cream Sandwich
  • it's incredibly light (about twice as heavy in laptop form)
  • it gets 12 hours of battery life, 18 with the keyboard plugged in because...
  • the keyboard is rechargeable, and the two can be charged together
  • the Android market has free apps for just about everything I want to do
  • it runs on Wifi only so no monthly fees, but...
  • I can tether through my Android phone if I need connectivity when out and about

The only challenges so far were related to buying it. The tablet was sold out online and IRL. In fact it was pure luck that I happened upon one. (I'd like to thank the guy who returned it "because the wifi was broken". Um, no sir. I believe that it was another case of PEBCAK.)

But she is purdy, dontchathink?

(Phone case for size reference)

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