ReBrick: A Social Network for Lego Geeks

Want to nerd out about Lego but your friends couldn't care less? (I hear you, friend ;) Well, now you can find your kindred Lego brethren on ReBrick, the social network for Lego geeks!!!

ReBrick isn't slick like Facebook or Twitter. In fact, it's far more basic. Like a cross between Flickr and a message board.

Naturally, I couldn't help myself. I had to create a profile and take a look around. (In the name of research. Riiight.)

They smartly organized the network around search: to find anything on the site, you can browse categories or you can search for keywords. The view counters on the photos tend to be pretty low compared to places like Flickr or YouTube, which tells me that this is a quiet network at this point.

The pics load slowly, the pages sometimes hang, and you could probably find way more information on Brickipedia and other places online. For example, this amazing-looking Lego MindStorms 3-D printer which was shared from PSFK. A Lego Thing-O-Matic! How kewl is that?!

I think the strength will be in the forums and the sharing of build plans (especially for Lego MindStorms aka Lego robotics). Oh, and finding your tribe, of course. There's nothing like nerding out with folks who really get your hobby obsession. You know, unlike your spouse who basically gets headaches from rolling their eyes at you over and over whenever you bring up Lego. (Not you, hubby. ;)

And in case you were wondering, is Rebrick run by Lego? Absolutely. Which begs the question, will fans be drawn away from the other social networks to participate in a proprietary one? Only time will tell.

(Source: GeekDad via @AngeMBM)

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