Tomorrow is Sweater Day: Don a Sweater, Save the earth

World Wildlife Federation wants you to wear a sweater on Feb 9. No, they're not trying to nag you. Nor are they worried you might be getting a cold (although you do seem a little sniffly these days). No, they're worried about energy consumption, ecological resource management and global warming.

It's the same reason why hubby and I long ago decided to keep the temperature in our house a bit on the cool side instead of turn up the thermostat. (Ok, now that also serves to offset the fact that we have a hot tub which guzzles energy. No one's perfect.)

Grannies standing by

WWF knows what they are doing. They have this whole idea of a Granny call centre. Lovely nanas standing by to call you to remember to don your sweater on February 9th. It's hilarious! Check out the video below and head on over to the site to schedule a call from a granny.

It's funny, it's a gesture but it means something

Like Earth Hour, this is likely going to end up being more of a gesture than anything else. And as I mentioned last Earth Hour, gestures are important. Small gestures can eventually lead to big wins because they plant the seeds of interest and concern that could result in significant actions. But who knows, if people do this, it could not only reduce energy consumption on that day or week, it could also stimulate interesting conversation with their kids, friends and family.

You never know what might come of it. Small wins, people. Small wins.

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