Wired for Gaming: 9-Bit Sega Mega Coffee

So you're preparing for an epic night of gaming and you need some fuel. And the last time you downed an excessive amount of energy drinks, your gut rot lasted for days. So what's your other option? Coffee. But not just any coffee. Sega 9-bit Mega Coffee.

Now I know what you're thinking: 9 bit? WTF is 9 bit coffee? It's supposed to be a clever reference to the 9 varieties of bean in the mix.

My favourite thing about this roast (other than the whole retro-coffee-for-gamers thing) is that it is best brewed as espresso. Gamer espresso. Oh yeah.

Currently, this product is available from Firebox in the UK which might make for an expensive cup of joe once you factor in the shipping costs. But when it comes to an epic night of gaming, that might not phase you.


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