10 Sci-Fi Predictions That Became Real (video)

What I love about reading cyberpunk and science fiction is imagining: "what if that really happened?" What I find absolutely mindblowing is when some of it does actually end up in our lives: tablets a la Star Trek, flying autonomous robots a la SkyNet, humanoid robots, mind-controlled skateboards...

Of course, then we realize what it's like to live under constant surveillance a la 1984 (I'm looking at you, London) and I think we can all agree that it's even creepier in real life than it was in the book.

The video below takes a look at 10 science fiction predictions that came true. It's impossible to imagine our lives without them and strangely odd to think that they were once conceived to be purely imaginary. I mean, do you think Karel Capek could ever have imagined my Roomba when he was dreaming up robots?

It does beg the question: what are we reading or imagining today that seems so far fetched and yet might come to fruition during our children's lives?

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