Harry Potter eBooks Are Here: For Kobo too!

If you missed the hype earlier this week, it would appear that the marketing machine JK Rowling has permitted the entire Harry Potter series to be release as eBooks. Now, we just finished watching all the movies and of course the discussion turned to whether the Dude would be interested in tackling the books. Some of his classmates have started on them, which has peaked his interest. And to be honest, mine too. It's a series I have always wanted to read but never got around to doing so.

The eBooks aren't that much cheaper than the tangible variety: Amazon.ca sells a box set of the books for about $65 or you can download the full collection of ebooks at the Pottermore shop (the only place you can buy the Harry Potter eBooks for now) for just over $60 (or individually $8-11 per book). The best part is that the EPUB format is even compatible with my Kobo.

Let's face it, this has been a long time coming. Those tomes are darn huge in dead tree format, and there is always an insanely long waiting list at the library. Personally, I am willing to drop $8-ish a pop if it means that I will finally get around to reading the series the Dude will be reading. He's been working his way through the Percy Jackson Lightning Thief series, even re-reading some of the books. So this might make a nice challenge for him. Plus he gets to borrow the Kobo! (Give that kid access to a computer and you can get him to do just about anything.)

And you? Is this something you plan to pick up for the kiddies? Or yourself?

Credit: Pottermore Shop

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