Kewl Design Alert: Asus PadPhone (aka The Android Inception Phone)

So I learned yesterday of the Asus PadPhone which is a very kewl new Android phone-tablet-thingy. Now, you may remember that I just bought myself the most amazing tablet out on the market for 5 seconds right now, which is my fancy Asus Transformer Prime.

But this! This is the Inception phone! A phone that pops into a tablet that turns into a laptop.

{mind blown}

Now, before we delve into the geeky goodness, can we first talk about the elephant in the room?


Seriously? And that font? Someone definitely wants to get sued for publicity. I mean, come ON!

However, it's mighty gorgeous what with the gold tone, the fancy case, the multiple personality disorder and the super-long battery life when it's all Inception-ized. Just one fail IMHO: I totally *hate* the stylus-headset combo. Other than Agent 99, no one TALKS INTO A PEN!!! Who thought that was a good idea? "Seriously, I'm not crazy! It's a phone!" Um, yeah. That's an SNL skit waiting to happen.

What do you think? Is this the next big thing?


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