Kewl Design Alert: Electric Skateboard (now with brakes!)

Now, this is my kind of skateboard. I lack the coordination, balance, and let's face it, confidence, to do anything like skateboarding. (We all remember the outcome of my attempts at snowboarding, right?)

But skateboarding WITH PEDALS??? Now you're talking! Depending which video you believe, you either lean to control the board or there are sensors that act almost like pedals. I think video 1 does a better job of showing how to use it, but video 2 (which is the one going around the Interwebs these days) has fantastic visuals.

So here's what I think: it's like the Segway of skateboards. As long as your foot is on the right pad and you lean the right way, you never need to put your foot on the ground the entire time you use this thing. Which is good since it clocks up to 17 mph. Who knows? It might give me the opportunity to keep up with the Dude. I mean, what could be better than whipping through your 'hood at high speeds up on a powered skateboard? I can't think of *anything* that might go wrong...

hmm... on second thought, maybe I should stick to running...

What about you? Would you try this?

Video 1:

Video 2:

(Source: @idoclosecuts)

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