Kewl Design Alert: Seat Belt Bags Might Just Outlast You

red seat belt purse
So my brother (did you know I have a sib?) showed up one day after Christmas and told me excitedly about a gift he'd received that I would totally drool over. A... briefcase?

Not just any briefcase. A briefcase made of seatbelts. Seatbelts!!

Turns out that there is a company called Harvey's Seat Belt Bags that makes bags exclusively out of seat belts! The owners were restoring an old Buick and one of them decided to make the other a matching bag. Matching, that is, the car. How nerdtastic is that?

Their bags are funky, unique and naturally crazy durable. So much so, that they offer a bag wash service! They even have a series called Treecycle which uses recycled seatbelts, hemp linings and organic dyes. Green and gorgeous. Love that. When I think of how many work bags I've gone through over the years, I think the price is completely justified. And the purses and other bags are just adorable. But you know what I'd really love to see? A kids' backpack! Oh, to not have to buy a new backpack every single school year. Can you even imagine? Le sigh.

black seat belt briefcase

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