MythBusters Tour: Coming This Week!

Adam and Jamie are currently bringing their own brand of crazy genius to a city near you. And this week, they are invading Canada!

The MythBusters Tour hits its only two Canadian stops this week: Toronto on Thursday (aka Federal Budget Day aka my birthday) and Montreal on Friday.

Naturally, we are taking a little roadtrip to the Montreal show on Friday. The Dude will even be sporting his MythBusters t-shirt, earned by dressing up as Adam for Hallowe'en a few years ago.

If you don't know the story: it's the only time I ever posted a pic of the Dude on the Twitters and low-and-behold Mr. Savage (@donttrythis) not only saw it but retweeted it to his (at the time) 105,000 followers.
By the time I deleted the pic a week later, it had garnered more than 13,000 views. I wrote to Adam afterwards and requested an autograph to put under the tree for Xmas, which he was incredibly kind enough to provide, along with a t-shirt from their last tour. Naturally, the Dude's head completely exploded. And since he's just now fitting into that shirt, it will of course be his attire of choice for the show :)

We're all pretty excited about the show (can you tell? ;) and I will be sure to post a review next week. If you're a fellow MythBusters fan, you might be interested in knowing that there are still tickets are still available for the Montreal shows.

And remember, don't try this at home!

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