New! spydergrrl's YouTube Channel

Love all the geeky videos I post but hate all my pesky pithy banter? Now you can have the best of BOTH worlds by subscribing to my YouTube channel ;)

Over the three years of this blog, I've been posting a lot of videos and decided that I wanted to bookmark them for future reference in a handy YouTube channel for my own use. Then I realized that you might be interested in subscribing to see the latest and greatest that I've blogged, favourited, starred in or even created.

There are currently 4 types of playlists:
  1. Blogged - Videos that have appeared here on the blog. For each video, I provided a note including the title and URL of the associated blog post. (Since playlists max out at 200 videos nd the site has almost 1000 posts, there will multiple playlists once I bookmark everything that has been posted over time #tired)
  2. Favourites - Videos that I might not blog about but that I consider worth bookmarking for future reference
  3. Web and Social Media - Videos relevant to my work
  4. The Dude's Productions - Stop Motion videos produced by the Dude (and his Dad) like the one below

Take a look, subscribe, leave a comment!

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