Ottawa Comiccon. That's like, Comiccon. In Ottawa!

I'm sure you've heard by now, but Comiccon is coming to Ottawa. In May! Just in time for Mother's Day! (How did they know?!) That's also right around the Dude's birthday, so I'm thinking that in addition to going to see the Avengers (which has been planned since last summer), we just might end up nerding out at Comiccon.

Gosh, we might even have to start thinking about potential costumes... maybe something steampunk or maybe we can shave the Dude's head again and dress him us as the Last Airbender (one of his past Hallowe'en costumes; it also included forehead and hand tattoo stencils. We're a little hardcore about Hallowe'en).

The line-up includes (among others) Patrick Stewart, Lou Ferrigno, Elvira and the frickin' Delorean. Tickets are even reasonably priced, starting at $20 for adults, and you can bring up to 2 kids free, $10 apiece thereafter.

But you know what would be really kewl? You can sign up to be a volunteer! Can't get any closer to the action than that, IMHO.

Now, I have to ask. Do you think we'll see any geeky wedding proposals at the Ottawa Comiccon? Below is the one that included Patrick Stewart himself. Wonder what folks might come up with...?

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