Pro Tip: Browser Plug-in Lets You See Things Clearly

Evernote Clearly: Image of spotlight and webpages
You know when you're trying to read an article on a website that's so busy that the content competes with the ads, the sidebars, the related links, the header and all the other noise? Yeah, that. Well, I recently discovered another fantastic tool from Evernote that is helping to maintain my sanity.

Clearly is a browser plug-in that can turn off the noise. With a click of the little spotlight icon, a nice, clean tab wipes over the busy page and shows just the article. You can even customize the presentation, selecting the background colour, the font size and style. It makes for a personalized reading experience, no matter which site you are reading.

It's probably a crazy easy plug-in to build considering that properly coded web pages come with <body> tags; so if they just isolate that content and ignore everything else, voila, easy to read pages!

The other handy feature is that you can Evernote what you're reading with another simple click. Brilliant.

Personally, I think that all browsers should come with this feature built in. Of course, we'll have to keep this on the down-low, or else the website owners and advertisers might try to nix it. It'll be our little productivity secret. ;)

Now, if you're not familiar with Evernote, you can check out my love letter post, Why I Can't Imagine My Life Without Evernote.

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