Pulsating Power iNecklace. iWant.

Now before I tell you about one of the absolutely geekiest pieces of jewelry I have ever set my eyes on, first you must know about this.

T-shirt with power symbol
The Power T from ThinkGeek

This is the power T. Long a staple in my wardrobe, the girly version of this t-shirt was a Christmas gift from my brother-in-law. Not only was it beautifully simple in its design; but like a real power button, it glowed green when in the dark. Damn, I loved that shirt.

Ok, now feast your eyes on this:
The iNecklace from adafruit

The iNecklace. Ok, first all, let's get the elephant out of the room. It's named after iThings? Ugh. Worst. Name. Ever. Incidentally, this is the absolutely ONLY i-anything I would ever covet. For the sake of this post, I hereby christen said iNecklace: "Power Necklace".

The Power Necklace is not only gorgeous, not only boasts a stunning, simple design, but it's powered. Oh, this little beauty doesn't just glow in the dark, my friends. No, my lovely little geeks. It pulsates! (geekgasm!)

Now, I have a birthday in just over a week and personally, I think this would be a pretty. awesome. gift. You've gotta admit. She is purdy. And guess who carries it? ThinkGeek! I could replace my t-shirt and get the necklace! It's a sign!! ;)

Ahem. Anyway.

Feast your eyes on the glowy goodness below. Then tell me, would you wear it?


(Source: This Is Why I'm Broke)

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