Wordlock: A Lock For The Less Math-Inclined

Oh, combination locks. How we all loathed you through high school and university (yes, I still had a locker in university). Those stoopid combinations we had to remember, and then always forgot over the summer. Only to have to buy a new lock in the Fall and memorize a new number all over again. Ugh.

But no more, friends! I found Wordlock! Yup, a combination lock that uses a word as its combination. Brilliant!

(Pro tip: if you know the name of your kid's beloved-of-the-moment, you will surely be able to break into their locker ;) (Kids: be warned, boyfriend and girlfriend names are sure to get your locker broken into.)

You can get bike locks, combination locks, even luggage locks. You can even propose words you would like to be able to use on a Wordlock. Of course, my password would probably be something totally predictable like Darth or frak.

Would you use it? What word would you propose? Wordlock think they know just what you're going to go for...


(Source: Dave Taylor on Google+)