Age Be Damned: 97 Year Old Man Builds App

I love reading demographic surveys about the use of technology growing in the older population, and then stumbling on a story like this one. George W. Robertson is 97 years old. He was looking for a way to challenge his mind with something more than his Sudoku games, so he worked with his son to build a computer program that could play against him. Then he had it adapted for mobile devices.

George W. Robertson reminds me of hubby's grandpa. Grandpa was a brilliant man. Once a meteorologist for Environment Canada (back before computer models), he loved to spend his free time devouring books, writing essays and discussing philosophy. He learned to use the Internet in his 80s, completely grasping its power in making the world smaller and information more readily available. After he passed away, my brother in law and his wife spent months compiling, scanning, typing his essays into bound books that they gave to his kids. The books were such incredible mementos of his life-long love of learning and sharing.

George (incidentally, also a meteorologist) has had over 5,000 downloads to date. His target audience is seniors, but he gripes that not enough of them are computer literate to take advantage of the game. Too bad. If anything, this story just goes to show you that you're never too old to learn, to challenge yourself and to be successful. It is never too late.

Photograph by: Jean Levac , Ottawa Citizen

Chex Challenge is available for iThings via the Apple iStore.

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