Gross Design Alert: Lickable Wallpaper in a Public Elevator

So someone thought it would be a good idea to make lickable wallpaper. Which in and of itself, is disgusting enough. But then they installed it in an elevator. A public space. Oh, don't worry, they say. You can remove the licked patches. Um, ok. But what if the bellboy who is apparently encharged with this responsibility gets into a fascinating discussion with another rider on the elevator and then, you know, forgets to peel off the paper? The whole thing gives me the willies.

Now before you head off into the comments to helpfully remind me about the gross factor of water fountains and other shared public facilities, I'll admit that this is a personal preference and no one will make you lick the germ-filled elevator paper. It's not like you have to lick the wall to make the elevator go to your floor, or anything. But I do wonder, why licking? Why not scratch and sniff? Why not tear-off strips you could smell? Why the invasiveness of putting your tongue on a public space?

It turns out that all of this is of course a marketing ploy by Jaffa Cakes, inspired by the glass lift in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. According to their Facebook page, the elevator has
1,325 Jaffa Cakes and four weeks of painstaking planning cumulated in this lift that can take its passengers to heaven (Floor 16) and back.
What do you think? Assuming you weren't first into the elevator following the installation, would you be tempted to lick the wall? And would you?

Aside: Evernote offered to put this into my Recipes notebook. Um, no thanks.

(Source: That's Nerdalicious)

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