How Far is a Second? (video)

If you're traveling today (as I will be) then you might spend a portion of your transit time figuring out metrics about your trip: how long it's been since you left, whether you're making good time, how long till that much-needed rest stop...

In a timely coincidence, the folks over at Minute Physics have released a fun video that explores how far a second is. That might seem like an odd question but when you think about starting your drive, do you think about the distance to your destination or how long it will take you to get there? So, in fact this is quite the reasonable topic to explore.

Now, I'm fascinated by the concept of light years, which falls into the same category of scientific exploration as this video. Minute physics has touched on the concept of light speed in a number of their videos, but I like the way this one really (really) dumbs it down for the masses without actually talking down to the audience.

So there you go. Something to impress the kiddies with on your drive home. Enjoy!

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