Jet Propulsion Science Helps Woman Speak Again (video)

It happens in all of our school careers. There's this moment (usually upon the introduction of quadratic equations or frog dissection) that a kid asks themselves, "How will this ever help me in real life?" There's nothing worse than studying something that seems so far removed from anything you could ever see yourself doing. So let's make a deal. If your kids ask you that question, you will show them this story.

Jan Christian had a car accident at 17 that damaged her windpipe to the extent that she was not able to speak above a whisper. That is, until came along Dr. Sid Khosla of the University of Cincinnati conducting research on voices and wind flow using the tenets of jet propulsion technology. JET PROPULSION.

I'll break it down for you: he used the concepts of wind moving in and around a jet engine to develop a procedure that ultimately repaired her windpipe!

{mind blown}

So, there you go kids! It just goes to show that sometimes two seemingly unrelated fields of study and work can come together with surprising and successful results. Science is so amazing and kewl. Pass it on!

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