Kewl App Alert: My Coffee Card for Android

Screenshot of scannable barcode
Since last week, I've been paying for my Starbucks coffee with my phone. I realize that a few years from now, that won't be a significant achievement, but for now, it is.

Especially considering that I am a Canadian Android user.

You see, earlier this year, Starbucks released an iThing app for Canadian Sbux addicts but they still neglect us Android users. I continued to use my Sbux card religiously but then checked the Android store last week to see if they'd finally gotten around to sharing the love with us Droid users. That's when I came upon My Coffee Card, an unsanctioned app that does pretty much the same thing: manage your Sbux cards and pay for your coffee.

What does it do?

Even better than carrying a Sbux card, this free app lets you:
  • register multiple Sbux cards
  • see your card balances
  • reload cards
  • check your reward levels
  • pay for your coffee with your phone (using a barcode that is scanned at the cash)
  • find stores
  • jot down your order (basically a notepad in case you are responsible for today's coffee run)

Handy handy handy

Note: There is also a Pro version for CAD$1.99 which offers additional widgets and social features.

Is it safe?

Maybe. It lives in the 100,000-500,000 downloads range, which is where my comfort level lives. (I absolutely won't download anything that has less than 10,000 downloads, and even tend to look for 100,000 minimum. Let's face it, there's less scrutiny in the Android store, so caveat emptor.)

There are functions to:
  • associate your card: this one doesn't bother me since there is never a large balance on my card
  • reload your card: this one I only do via the Sbux site, just to be safe
  • save a credit card: yeah, I don't tend to do that anywhere, let alone on an app on my phone

Is it any good?

Absolutely. It's quick, simple, and you can even watch your balance update in real time when you reload your card online or make a purchase in-store.

Now, to be sure, the second the official Starbucks app comes out for Android, I will be checking it out. Right now, My Coffee Card is working for me.

See it in action:

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