Kewl Design Alert: Gorgeous Solar eBook Cover (& Device Chargers)

Disclaimer: Maybe that homemade granola I made for Earth Day is going to my head, but here's an eco-inspired post of products that are green, practical and pretty.

SolarKindle is an incredible case for Kindles that is not only interesting to look at, but is green too! (Ok this one is black, but I mean eco-friendly!)

The cover has a solar panel integrated into it so that you can charge your Kindle on the go. And it uses the residual power to work an integrated reading light too.

What if you have a different eBook reader?

Sadly, for now, it's only available for Kindle, so us Kobo users are out of luck. However, it turns out that Solarmio makes all sorts of handy dandy solar-panel infused items, from flexible bags to this little gem: SolarUno, a slim USB-compatible recharging station for small devices. Green and gorgeous. Love love love

It's so nice to see companies develop products that are not only eco-friendly, but aesthetically pleasing. Big fan!

The SolarKindle Explained:

(Source: GadgeTell on Twitter)

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