Kewl Design Alert: Lego R2D2 Kit Makes Me Ridiculously Happy

Lego recently launched a geekdorable The Ultimate Collector Series R2-D2™ set. And I want. This lovely little creation is a foot tall, half a foot wide and I have just the perfect space for it in my office.

The head rotates, the third leg retracts, and it comes with a display plaque. Because this is the one set that you won't let the kids touch dismantle once it's been built. It's going to be available May 1st, which means it will be just in time for Mother's Day. (HINT HINT, hubby ;)

I have to ask, though: WTF is up with the pricing? As of this writing, the dollar is worth 99 cents US. But the suggested retail is $180 USD and $230 Canadian!? I hate that.

Here's a funny little video from the 2 designers. Warning: very tongue-in-cheek ;)

(Source: Nerd Approved)

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