Kewl Design Alert: Samsung Galaxy Beam SmartPhone Sports Built-In Projector

You're sitting in a client meeting with just your phone and your tablet. No laptop to show your slides. The client looks a little confused about how you're planning to give your presentation, when you lie your phone on the table, point it to the wall and press the screen. Instantly, your presentation appears full-size and off you go with your pitch.

Futuristic fiction? Nope.

Now if you thought the Blackberry meant business, let me introduce you to one of the smartest smartphones I've ever come across. The Samsung Galaxy Beam looks pretty much like every other smartphone out there -- mostly because it is like every other smartphone out there, with one key difference: the built-in projector. Yep, this little guy will project 15 lumen up to 2 metres away. Which is perfect for your presentation to that very important client, regardless of the size or setup of the meeting venue.

Given how mobile the office is becoming, I think this is completely brilliant. Oh, and did I mention it's Android? It would have been a fantastic addition to my tech arsenal back in my consulting days. What do you think? Would you use it?

(Source: Engadget)

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