Kewl Design Alert: TED Talk Explores Weird Merging of Fashion and Tech

What if you could wear something that evolves your shape or even shows your insides? What if you could sweat perfume? Insane, right?

This video featuring TED Fellow Lucy McRae explores the blurring of boundaries between the body and its environment, through fashion and technology.

Ms. McRae refers to herself as a body architect. Her creations are so weird, they're not even futuristic. They're almost from a different dimension where our bodies are strange creations. It's like a technological step beyond some of the body modification that's happening these days. And though I'm not sure we'll ever be brave enough to go around in every day life sporting costumes that make us look grotesque, I really dig her thought process and the spirit of her creations.

Sometimes, TED presentations are just plain weird. And I think it might be those that I enjoy the most.

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