Roundup: My Favourite Online April Fools Jokes of 2012

If you were online this weekend, you might have noticed some April Fools gems circulating on Sunday. My absolute faves were from Microsoft, Google and WestJet.

The Winners

Assassin's Creed for Kinect

I was skeptical but bought in until that guy did that flip... and then I knew.

Google Maps for NES

The best thing about this video is blowing on the cartridge. Oh, the memories.
8-bit image Google Map of Toronto
Credit: Google Maps

WestJet Kargo Kids

The Dude called this one mean. I beg to differ ;)

Runners up

Gmail Tap

Morse code comes to Gmail!

All of YouTube on DVD

A fleet of 100 trucks to deliver them... [Note: If you were eagle-eyed, you might have even noticed that they added a DVD to their logo for the day.]

More great pranks:

What were your favourites this year?

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