Hey, Geeks! It's Our Day: Happy Geek Pride Day to you!

Find your nearest geek and give 'em a BIG HUG. Today is Geek Pride Day!

You may be scratching your hear, thinking: "I thought May The 4th was a day of geek pride since it's called Star Wars Day". Well, true but did you know that May 25th is the actual Geek Pride Day? May 25, 1977 is the release date of the first (or to the younger generation, fourth) Star Wars movie. So in fact, it is more of a Star Wars day than May 4th will ever be.

But it's not all about Star Wars. In fact, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy will know today as Towel Day. So there's really something for everygeek, right?

[Aside: what do you think? Can we make a go of "everygeek"? I think we should totally try in the spirit of today's festivities.]

Now, I couldn't find any activities scheduled for today in Ottawa but I did find out that today is the beginning of the beer festival, Festibiere, at Lac Leamy. So why not grab a few geeks and head on over for some suds. If they're beer geeks, think of all the facts they'll be able to tell you about what you're drinking. Win-win!

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