Iris: the Automated Assistant for Android (Note the spelling)

So hubby starts talking to his Android earlier this weekend and I find out he's testing out (get this) IRIS, a personal assistant. Did you notice the spelling? Yep, it's Siri backwards ;)

Turns out that the folks over at Dexetra built Iris as a rival to Siri and spent all of 8 hours building the alpha version. So it's got some bugs but it just goes to show you that the marketing push behind Siri isn't necessarily backed by a whiz-bang development effort.

I downloaded it to my Android and it actually works quite well. The one thing I wish it could do better is tie into the plethora of other apps I already have installed on my devices and respond appropriately when I say, "Open Twicca and read my new @ mentions." But given that it focuses on the most popular apps and social media sites, we're still a ways from there. It is handy for on the go searches, however.

In the end, hubby decided to go for Assistant which puts a cartoonish assistant on your device desktop, and responds in similar fashion to Siri and Iris. Which was fine until I noticed that she looks just like me. And she pronounces her name "Tonya" (apparently she thinks Tanya is said with a long "a"). Not sure if I should be flattered or annoyed that hubby's idea of a fantasy assistant doing his digital beck and calling is... well, me. (Truth be told, I think it's cute because it's really the only way he's ever going to get me to wait on him ;)

You can check out Siri vs Iris in the video below:

Or my favourite Siri battle: Kripke vs Siri (from Big Bang Theory)

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