Kewl Event Alert: Run For Your Lives Zombie Run (Bonus: Zombies, Run! app)

So with all the talk of face chomping and zombies in the news recently, you know I just had to jump on the bandwagon. Buuut as usual, I needed to bring you to the fringes. To the side of zombies that you might just not be aware of quite yet.

The RUNNING side. And not the bait-running-away-from-zombies-to-save-themselves-in-the-movies side, the running-away-from-zombies-as-a-sport side.

My geeks, let me introduce you to Run For Your Lives.

A zombie race. Nay, a zombie-filled 5k obstacle course. And the best part is that you can sign up to be bait OR a zombie.

I soooooo want to be a zombie!

Sadly, the Toronto date is the same weekend as the Canada Army Run, and as an Air Force brat I feel it's my duty to participate every year and support the Forces. I hope that one day the zombies will invade Ottawa and I'll be able to hunt you down get my zombie on, but meantime, I will placate myself with zombie run videos on the Interwebs. Or maybe I'll get myself the Zombies, run! app/game when it comes out on Android June 14th (it's already out for iThings now).

And who knows? I could even use it to get through my Army Run and get the best of both worlds! #win

Run For Your Lives (Tell me this doesn't look like fun!)

Zombies, run! (WANT)

(Source: Hubby and The Awesomer)

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