Kewl Site Alert: Lego Education Offers Curricula for All Ages (Bonus: Infographic)

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I recently discovered, a site dedicated to Lego-assisted learning.
According to the site:
LEGO® Education combines the unique excitement of LEGO® bricks with hands-on classroom solutions for science, technology, engineering, math, literacy, and more.
How much do I LOVE this?

Now, as you probably know, we have a bit of a Lego obsession in our house. (um, see the entire Lego section of this blog for more ;) So of course, I love the idea of schools appealing to kids via Lego.

Buuuut did you know that Lego learning isn't just for kids? I've had the chance to participate in Lego Serious Play which is a Lego-assisted collaboration/ brainstorming technique. For grown ups! At work! In fact, we even had a LSP session at UXCamp last year which was a BIG hit with the participants.

Granted, I know that not everyone gets the whole Lego love. And that's ok. But if you are interested, check out the Infographic (right) that shows some of the fab characteristics (and uses) of Lego.

So what about you? Are you Lego fans? Have you used it in an explicitly educational context? Have you tried Lego Serious Play? Do share!

(Source: My friend, Cathy :)

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