Mashable Inexplicably Redefines "Mommy Blogger" To Include Readers

Credit: Mashable
Yesterday, @zchamu posted a link to a Mashable infographic entitled "The Rise of the Mommy Blogger". As a tech blogger and information whore lover, I'm interested in all the navel-gazing the social media industry indulges in - from meta articles propagated through social media to self-referential infographics.

[Aside: now mind you, I don't actually BELIEVE everything they say but nothing makes me happier than dissecting evaluating media about media, info about info, data about data.]

So this Mashable infographic was right up my alley.

It contains "stats" about the mommy blogger population: their numbers, their average income, and a list of the 8 most popular among them. But what was most interesting about this particular "data" set is how they defined "blogger".
Mommy Bloggers: women who have at least one child in their household and have read or contributed to a blog in the past 30 days.

So according to Mashable, if I read a mommy blog, I am a mommy blogger? Do I even need to state how this couldn't be more wrong? I don't know which editor approved this logic but in what world does being part of the audience make you a star? Let this be a lesson to you to take everything you read online with a grain of salt. Keep your wits about you and don't just accept pop-media as credible media.

Now come to think of it, if you follow their logic, then by virtue of watching NASA TV, I am an astronaut.

Hmm...Excuse me while I go update my business card. ;)

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