The Movie Vanishes: Pixar's Tale of Backup Woes (video)

Everyone has a good deletion story. That time that you deleted your homework. That time you deleted someone else's homework. In my case, it was my staff's work. All of it. Every last file in our network drive. I was deleting files off a USB drive and did ALT+TAB to switch over to Outlook to check something in my email. I guess when I hit ALT+TAB to go back to my drive window, I clicked too many times and went into another drive window that was open. I hit Delete and *poof* all of our files disappeared. When I realized what I'd done, I knew that our I.T. group does regular backups and that we would be able to recover the files without any issues. My concern was more with the team, and making sure they knew what had happened and that we would be ok. No panicking required.

But what if you were Pixar and you, say, deleted an entire movie. Like, say, Toy Story 2. And that there were no good backups? Can you even begin to imagine? Well, you don't have to because the Pixar folks are kind enough to have made (ironically) an animated short on just this subject. You can just imagine the gravity of the situation when they say: "If you had 20-30 people working for an entire year, you could reproduce the movie." Wow.

So the lesson here is that a secret unapproved (and probably completely against the company's security practices) backup made to a teleworking machine can save a film studio from ruin. Actually, I think the lesson is supposed to be to back up your data, but to each her own.

p.s. don't forget to backup your data!

(Source: GeekCulture)

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