My Robot Nation Lets You Make Adorkable Custom 3D Printed Robot Toys


The Google Blog posted a lovely little tribute to Moms this weekend in which I came across this piece of geek girl awesomeness.
Sarah Stocker, bringing robots to life with Chrome: My Robot Nation, a Chrome web app that lets you create a unique robot online, then have it printed in full-color 3D and mailed to your door... making the app easy for people to use was paramount. Enter Sarah’s 10-year-old son Max. He designed the first robot and was My Robot Nation’s first “customer.” The fact that Max could create something online and then hold it in his hands made Sarah feel like the coolest mom ever—and he’s already told her that he wants to be an inventor, just like her.

{head explodes}

Seriously, these things are completely adorable, not to mention that they are completely your design. All you. They are a little expensive for something you can't move or pose, but the novelty is the key here. And playing with the robot maker on the site is honestly a lot of fun. Isn't the final product adorable? Love the one with the tie... What would you put on your robot?

Credit: My Robot Nation
Sidebar: you can build your robot via the website or a handy Chrome plugin. They thought of everything!

Source: Google Blog

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