Grilling? There's an app (and a gadget) for that: iGrill

Apparently you iThing lovers will find any excuse to play with your gadgets. (Ok honestly this one is pretty kewl)

Having a hubby who loves to cook and has a couple of iGadgets of his own, I just had to take a look at iGrill. It's a cooking thermometer that can interact with your iPhone or iPod when your food reaches its optimal temperature. We don't have a huge house but it would be a handy tool to have around when we are watching a movie or entertaining guests. Basically you just stick it in your meat, pair it with your iDevice, set your target temperature and it will signal when it's done.

Frankly, it's so simple, it's almost boring to write about. Then again, did I mention that it has a range of 200 feet? I think that's my favourite part because that means you can sit out in the back yard or even chat out front with the neighbours and your dinner will call you when it's done: "Oh, excuse me, I have to run. My roast is calling me -- literally. Check out my phone!" Hubby would soooo be all over this if it weren't for the $80 price tag. A bit steep for a kitchen gadget, no matter how novel.

Now it would appear that this gadget has been around for a couple of years, however I have never come across it until now. Guess you geeks prefer your kitchen gadgets on the cheaper side? Would your (or your better half's) grilling prowess drive you to pick one up? Do you use other app-enabled grilling gadgets? Let me know!


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