Kewl Design Alert: Bergmoench Downhill Bike (aka Extreme Mountain Scooter)

For you hardcore outdoor geeks who play as hard as you game, the Bergmoench downhill machine might just be your next extreme toy.

The Bergmoench is a foldable mountain-bike-like-device that packs into a rucksack for your hike up the mountain, and unfolds into a scooter-bike-thing for the descent. Seriously, it's difficult to describe: think mountain bike without the gears, chain or seat. See? The only way I can think to describe it is as a downhill mountain scooter.

But it's kewl! Trust me. And expensive. At $2k, this is an expensive piece of extreme machinery, but if there is anything I know about obsessive geeks and their obsessions, it's that they will spare no expense.

So the Bergmoench should be no different: a unique piece of machinery that enables you to hike up and ride down, while carrying minimal weight to impede either activity. Wonder where the name comes from? According to the site,
You carry the bike up the mountain and then kneel for the descent like a monk – hence ‘Bergmönch’, German for ‘Mountain Monk’.

Trust me, it's uber kewl. Check out the video to see it in action!

(Source: This Is Why I'm Broke)

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