Kewl Design Alert: US Gardens Host Lego Public Art

Pop quiz: What do you get when you cross public gardens with a certified Lego builder? Awesome Lego public art!

Certified Lego builder Sean Kenney has built a series of garden-inspired Lego sculptures which are making the rounds of several public gardens in the US. His website describes the collection:
Walk under an 8-foot tall hummingbird, stand amidst a 7-foot rose, go nose-to-nose with a 5-foot butterfly, and then head over to the exhibit hallway and show us what you can make! Built from nearly half a million LEGO pieces, this show features 27 larger-than-life sculptures built with LEGO bricks...
Doesn't that sound incredible? Whether or not you're a Lego fan, seeing something as ingenious as the bird feeder or as big as the lawn mower below is still impressive. If you've ever been to a Lego store and marvelled at the creations, imagine seeing them in a natural setting. The effect would be remarkable. And apparently also pretty resilient, according to Tree Hugger:
During the opening weekend Ames experienced what Maria Witte describes as “terrible” thunderstorms with wind gust of 60 miles per hour. The staff thought for sure the sculptures would break, but were surprised that all of them held up perfectly.
We can't even get them to last more than a few days inside our house without putting them entirely out of reach. Maybe those certified Lego guys have secrets to building lasting structures. Sadly, the tour is not coming to Canada any time soon, but for now, you can head over to Sean Kenney's Nature Connects portfolio or the Reiman Gardens site for a look at the sculptures.
Lego birds around a Lego birdfeeder
Credit: Reiman Gardens
Lawnmover made of Lego
Credit: Reiman Gardens
(Source: @danielleganza)

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