Kewl Site Alert: The Geek Chic is Canada's Answer to ThinkGeek!

I covet pretty much everything on ThinkGeek. It all started when my brother-in-law bought me a stack of geeky t-shirts from (remember them?) and then they went out of business, so we turned our drools over to ThinkGeek. Back then the exchange rate sucked so we coveted a lot and bought little. Then the Canadian and US dollars were pretty much on par, but the shipping/ duty fees were too high to justify any single-item purchases. And then eventually, we started scouring the interwebs for Canada-based shops that sold the random geekiness we wanted.

And today I discovered that Canada is home to The Geek Chic Boutique.

It's like ThinkGeek, only in CAD!!! They sell all sorts of geekdorable stuff including toys, science kits, branded merchandise from our fave shows and movies... everything my your geeky little heart desires.

According to the site, they opened in 2008:
We had heard a rumor that geeks were now "chic". So we shyly emerged from the safe haven of our monitor-lit computer rooms to start the store of our dreams...the geekiest store in Canada.
[Aside: 2008? WTF? Why am I only finding out about this now?!]

On my wish list so far:
I could keep going but I'm going to stop before I copy the entire site onto this blog post. Let's just say that this is my new go-to for birthdays and Xmas. (Sadly, neither is coming up any time soon... quick! I need an excuse to do some geek shopping over the summer!)

The absolute best part of the whole thing is that the prices are not that different from the US version. Which either means we are getting ripped off on both sides of the border, or us Canadians are finally getting a break! (Ahem, however there are reports that we could slide down next year, so that could affect prices over time...)

Hmm, wonder if I would ever get any work done with one of these on my desk...?

Happy shopping, geeks!

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